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Fresko V8 Hands Free Automatic Vacuum Sealer


Fresko V3 Automatic Vacuum Sealer Food Saver


FRESKO Compact Size Automatic Vaccume Sealer Machine V1


FRESKO 15 Bar Espresso Maker with Milk Frother/Steam Wand


FRESKO HB3205 500W Immersion Hand Blender


Brand Story

The signature ‘Fresko freshness’ is in everything we do from our pioneering product line to our fresh-out-the-box convenience concepts. We understand that your kitchen is the heart of your home so we aim to fill that heart with products that make you smile every time you use them.

Having the right tool for the job will change the way you feel about prep work, ultimately allowing you to become a better cook. We strive to make your life easier by creating products that are well-designed, pleasing to look at and simple to use. Allow us to put the excitement back into your daily dinner routine with our range of durable cooking utensils, prep tools, kitchen appliances and stylish accessories. Our offering includes highly efficient vacuum sealers and we are currently developing our dynamic range to produce a Fresko coffee maker, electric wine opener, toaster, egg beater, bread maker, juice extractors, food processors, ice maker, air fryer and blenders.

You don’t need a Michelin star to be the star of your kitchen!
Vacuum Sealer

Fresko V8 Hands Free Automatic Vacuum Sealer

The vacuum sealer that delivers freshness and healthy. Automatic mode selection and precise progress indicator help to vacuum seal the freshness carefreely.

Exactlly as described!
food cooked perfect.-no leaks into bags and vacuum lasted. my first system used a hand pumper-way too much work. 2nd system wouldn't even start up. it's a shame that one person gave it one star before he even got it. With the vacuum sealer bags I ordered on this web, it works great!

Fresko V8 Hands Free Automatic Vacuum Sealer

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