Compact-size Powerful Vacuum Sealer

Fresko Vacuum Sealer V1 is an automatic machine which can vacuum and seal with one-touch operation. Compact size machine with powerful suction up to 65 kPa allow you to finish vacuum and seal in a more convenient way.

Key Features

  • Vertical, space-saving design

  • Real-time LED display with sensor touch 

  • Hands-free auto-lock mechanics

  • Practical Moist/Dry food settings

  • Removable drip tray for easy clean-up

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  • 30-day return

  • 12-month warranty 


Automatic Hand Free Design

No need to press/release the lid with hands arduously! Just feed vacuum sealer bag into the vaccum sealer machine, One-Key operation, FRESKO automatic vacuum sealer will do the rest, making vacuum sealing easier than ever.

Flash locking.

Lasting freshness, texture, flavor, everything you want are sealed in the bag. 

Preserve Fish

Seal smell to save your fridge from smelling like a fish.

Preserve Red Meat

Vacuum sealed to drawing oxygen molecules off the surface of the red meat.

Preserve Poultry

Seal juices to prevent leaking to generate bacteria onto other food items.

Preserve Hard Cheese

Sealed to keep away from moist and air so to get rid of being mold and dried out.

Preserve Frozen Berries

Seal the water and oxygen molecules to keep the texture and taste.

Preserve Coffee Beans

Vacuum sealed for taking less space with less air, also less exposed to air makes it last better.

Capable to handle more than preserve food.

Satiate your appetite by shopping smart and planning ahead. 

FRESKO vacuum sealer would like to play a big role in your kitchen.

Store garden harvest

Don't worry if you are producing more than you could possibly consume. Get green beans blanched then frozen in seal bags.

Sous vide cooking

With the aid of vacuum sealer, Fresko BPA-free vacuum bag and sous vide machine, enjoy the perfect finish effortlessly.

Freeze pre-portioned meals

Buy raw meat, poultry and fish in bulk so to save money. Seal each serving per bag. Store them safely without fear of freezer burn.

Marinate uncooked meats

Prepare marniade meat in sealable plastic bags with your perferable sauce to make sure sufficiently soaked before cooking. 

Reseal snack bags

You don't have to eat a whole bag of crisps once. Easily with a tap of SEAL button, reseal the crisps bag in 20 seconds.

Make prep-ahead meals

Cook on Sunday night and eat well all week. Pre-sous vide in advance and refrigerate along with sealed bags. Keep freshness and texture for days as sealed to prevent oxidation. 

Small Size 

Strong Suction Power

FRESKO food saver V1 has a vacuum value of up to 65kPa, can stably provide reliable vac and sealing services. This food vacuum sealer can be compatible with any brand of vacuum sealer bags or rolls (up to 11.8" wide), and most types of seal containers, keep food fresh and saving refrigerator space.

The bottom drip tray is easy to clean, its magnetic design ensures no water leakage and allows easy removal and installation.

Removable Magnetic Drip Tray

The bottom drip tray is easy to clean, its magnetic design ensures no water leakage and allows easy removal and installation.

Jar Vacuuming

Preserve your favourite fruit or vegetable in the vacuum container or food cans, this vacuum sealer can be your best assistant.

Multiple Settings

Useful and Practical Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing. Using its one touch operation simply select whether you're sealing a dry or with moisture food.

General information

Color: Space Gray

Warranty: 1 year

Dimensions (inch): 15.55*2.95*4.06

Weight: 2.86 pounds


Suction value (L/ min): ≥4.3

Vacuum degree (kpa): -65kpa

Vacuum sealing time (seconds): 25s (Dry), 30s (Moist)

Sealing time: 20s

Modes: Dry Vacuum Seal; Moist Vacuum Seal; Seal; External Vacuum

Auto-lock: Yes

Integrated air suction hose: No

Overheating protection: Yes

Removable drip tray: Yes


Rated voltage: 120V, 60Hz

Rated power(watt): 130W

Operation: LED Panel with sensor touch


Materials: ABS

Max. sealing with (inch): 11.8

Sealing line with (inch ): 0.08-0.12

Power coed length (inch): 47.2